Libraries and the UN post-2015 development agenda

2014/12/08     來源:IFLA閱讀原文

Libraries make an important contribution to development. The purpose of this toolkit is to support library institutions and associations and other civil society organisations to advocate at the national and regional level for the inclusion of access to information as part of the UN post-2015 development agenda.
The timeline until the final post-2015 goals are decided is short. If libraries are to be part of the discussion, action needs to be taken now and until September 2015. Our objective is that on 1 January 2016, libraries will be ready to support implementation of the new development agenda, and that governments will be seeking libraries’ involvement....more
中文版本 - 圖書館與聯合作後2015 發展議程
其中2.4 為什麼圖書館隊發展具有重要意義?
2.5 IFLA 所採取的行動方案==> 里昂宣言