OCLC Works Toward Linked Data Environment

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2015/02/17     來源:Library Journal閱讀原文

In the early days of the World Wide Web, many libraries blocked search engines from crawling their sites and used other means to insulate library records from the open web. “Some of the reasons were cultural, some of them were fears of commercial takeover of our resources…but we actively disengaged,” said Richard Wallis, technology evangelist for OCLC and chair of the W3C Schema Bib Extend Community Group during the “OCLC Links and Entities: The Library Data Revolution” session at the American Library Association’s 2015 Midwinter conference in Chicago.
Since then, despite several projects that have started to share library data with the wider web, “a lot of that reticence to engage, historically, is still there,” Wallis added. Yet the library community is increasingly aware of the need to enhance the discoverability of library resources on the open web using Google and other popular commercial search engines.
In an effort that parallels and complements the Library of Congress’s Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME), OCLC is using schema.org to help facilitate this discoverability using linked data, explained Wallis and his colleague Ted Fons, executive director, Data Services and WorldCat Quality Management for OCLC....more