2015/04/23     來源:IFLA閱讀原文

Two years is not a long time to achieve what I hoped might come to pass when I became President in August 2011. When I chose my Presidential theme – Libraries: A Force For Change – with its principles of inclusion, transformation, collaboration and convergence, I had no idea how people would respond. I hoped and believed this was a theme that I would see play out across the global library stage in very real terms. Measuring success is difficult to quantify, but I have had many occasions to experience how much support there is for IFLA and the work we are doing.
While we can and should rejoice in our linguistic and cultural differences – we should equally rejoice in the similarities we share in the work we do. It is not about the type or size of library, or whether it is in a developing or developed country; we all embrace similar professional values and want to provide access to as much information as possible, to as many users as possible. Thesecommonalities are the glue that binds us together.
Only by working together and speaking with one voice will our voice be heard, particularly on the international stage where IFLA works closely with our members and partners through our advocacy work...more