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EMBO reports EMBO Reports. 19(12), 2018 Dec. Role of the cGAS-STING pathway in cancer development and oncotherapeutic approaches. [Review] Khoo LT;Chen LY / 中央研究院
International journal of nursing practice International Journal of Nursing Practice. 24(6):e12698, 2018 Dec. Efficacy of pelvic floor training with surface electromyography feedback for female stress urinary incontinence. Liu YJ;Wu WY;Hsiao SM;Ting SW;Hsu HP;Huang CM / 亞東紀念醫院;耕莘健康管理專科學校;國立台灣大學;元智大學;國立陽明大學;陽明大學附設醫院
Biology of the cell Biology of the Cell. 110(12):257-270, 2018 Dec. ARAP2 inhibits Akt independently of its effects on focal adhesions. Luo R;Chen PW;Kuo JC;Jenkins L;Jian X;Waterman CM;Randazzo PA / 國立陽明大學
Macromolecular rapid communications Macromolecular Rapid Communications. 39(23):e1800424, 2018 Dec. Fabrication and Thermal Insulation Properties of Bamboo-Shaped Polymer Fibers by Selective Solvent Vapor Annealing. Chiu YJ;Chiu HL;Tseng HF;Wu BH;Li JW;Lu TC;Chen JT / 國立交通大學;中央研究院
Journal of interventional cardiology Journal of Interventional Cardiology. 31(6):799-806, 2018 Dec. Impact of single-plane versus Bi-plane imaging on procedural time, fluorescence time, and contrast medium volume in retrograde chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention. Fang HY;Wu CJ;Lee WC / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Ecology Ecology. 99(12):2787-2800, 2018 Dec. Community-level species' correlated distribution can be scale-independent and related to the evenness of abundance. Chen Y;Shen TJ;Condit R;Hubbell SP / 國立中興大學
Psycho-oncology Psycho-Oncology. 27(12):2794-2801, 2018 Dec. Risk of suicide attempts among colorectal cancer patients: A nationwide population-based matched cohort study. Sun LM;Lin CL;Hsu CY;Kao CH / 國軍高雄總醫院;中國醫藥大學附設醫院;中國醫藥大學;亞洲大學
Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 142(6):985e, 2018 Dec. Reply: Ultrasound Technology in Targeting Reflux-Free Venules for Optimal Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis in the Treatment of Lymphedema. Yang JC / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists Developmental Dynamics. 247(12):1264-1275, 2018 Dec. Pparalpha deficiency inhibits the proliferation of neuronal and glial precursors in the zebrafish central nervous system. Hsieh YC;Chiang MC;Huang YC;Yeh TH;Shih HY;Liu HF;Chen HY;Wang CP;Cheng YC /
Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 142(6):1547-1548, 2018 Dec. Discussion: Neural Perforasomes of the Upper Extremity. Chuang DC / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 48(11-12):1290-1300, 2018 Dec. Comorbidities, concomitant medications and potential drug-drug interactions with interferon-free direct-acting antiviral agents in hepatitis C patients in Taiwan. Liu CH;Yu ML;Peng CY;Hsieh TY;Huang YH;Su WW;Cheng PN;Lin CL;Lo CC;Chen CY;Chen JJ;Ma Q;Brooks-Rooney C;Kao JH
Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 142(6):913e-923e, 2018 Dec. The Fibula Osteoseptocutaneous Flap: Concise Review, Goal-Oriented Surgical Technique, and Tips and Tricks. Al Deek NF;Kao HK;Wei FC / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 142(6):993e-995e, 2018 Dec. Compact and Economical Microsurgical Training Made Possible with Virtual Reality. Huang TC;Sabbagh MD;Adabi K;Moran SL;Lu CK;Roh SG;Cheng HT;Huang CR;Manrique OJ / 高雄醫學大學附設中和紀念醫院;亞洲大學附屬醫院
Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 142(6):1411-1420, 2018 Dec. Unplanned Emergency Department Visits within 30 Days of Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction. Nasser JS;Huetteman HE;Chung TT;Chung KC / 長庚紀念醫院
Journal of periodontology Journal of Periodontology. 89(12):1390-1399, 2018 Dec. Survival rates of hybrid rough surface implants and their alveolar bone level alterations. Lee CT;Tran D;Jeng MD;Shen YT / 亞東紀念醫院;金品牙醫;國立台灣大學
The European journal of neuroscience European Journal of Neuroscience. 48(11):3379-3388, 2018 Dec. Response anisocoria in the pupillary light and darkness reflex. Wang CA;Tworzyanski L;Huang J;Munoz DP / 台北醫學大學
Experimental dermatology Experimental Dermatology. 27(12):1388-1394, 2018 Dec. Nilotinib induction of melanogenesis via reactive oxygen species-dependent JNK activation in B16F0 mouse melanoma cells. Chang SP;Huang HM;Shen SC;Lee WR;Chen YC / 台北醫學大學;臺北醫學大學附設醫院
Experimental dermatology Experimental Dermatology. 27(12):1336-1343, 2018 Dec. Intestinal microbiota profiling and predicted metabolic dysregulation in psoriasis patients. Chen YJ;Ho HJ;Tseng CH;Lai ZL;Shieh JJ;Wu CY / 臺中榮民總醫院;國立陽明大學;臺北榮民總醫院;微菌方舟生物科技股份有限公司;國立中興大學;中國醫藥大學
Liver international : official journal of the International Association for the Study of the Liver Liver International. 38(12):2287-2293, 2018 Dec. Genetic polymorphisms of the hepatic pathways of fatty liver disease after living donor liver transplantation. Chiu KW;Goto S;Nakano T;Hu TH;Chen DW;Huang KT;Hsu LW;Chen CL / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Liver international : official journal of the International Association for the Study of the Liver Liver International. 38(12):2248-2259, 2018 Dec. Serine/threonine protein phosphatase 5 is a potential therapeutic target in cholangiocarcinoma. Hu MH;Huang TT;Chao TI;Chen LJ;Chen YL;Tsai MH;Liu CY;Kao JH;Chen KF / 國立台灣大學;耕莘醫院;輔仁大學;臺北榮民總醫院;彰化基督教醫院; 國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;國立陽明大學
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology Plant Journal. 96(5):1064-1075, 2018 Dec. A pair of phospho-base methyltransferases important for phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Liu YC;Lin YC;Kanehara K;Nakamura Y / 中央研究院;國立中興大學
Journal of viral hepatitis Journal of Viral Hepatitis. 25(12):1599-1607, 2018 Dec. Risk of renal events during tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and entecavir antiviral prophylaxis in HBsAg-positive cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Lee IC;Chao Y;Li CP;Su CW;Lan KH;Lin HC;Hou MC;Huang YH / 臺北榮民總醫院;國立陽明大學
Journal of viral hepatitis Journal of Viral Hepatitis. 25(12):1429-1437, 2018 Dec. Sofosbuvir and ledipasvir are associated with high sustained virologic response and improvement of health-related quality of life in East Asian patients with hepatitis C virus infection. Younossi ZM;Stepanova M;Henry L;Han KH;Ahn SH;Lim YS;Chuang WL;Kao JH;Nguyen KV;Lai CL;Chan HL;Wei L / 高雄醫學大學附設中和紀念醫院;高雄醫學大學;國立台灣大學
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine Journal of Cellular & Molecular Medicine. 22(12):5909-5918, 2018 Dec. Galectin-3 promotes CXCR2 to augment the stem-like property of renal cell carcinoma. Huang CS;Tang SJ;Lee MH;Chang Wang CC;Sun GH;Sun KH / 國立陽明大學;國立臺灣海洋大學;三軍總醫院;國防醫學院;臺北市立聯合醫院
The journal of trauma and acute care surgery The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 85(6):1131, 2018 Dec. Re: Prediction of traumatic carotid-cavernous sinus fistula via noncontrast computed tomography by fracture pattern and abnormality of venous system. Mao SH;Lin TC;Chen CH;Chen CT / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Transplantation Transplantation. 102(12):2002-2011, 2018 Dec. CXCR4 Antagonist Reduced the Incidence of Acute Rejection and Controlled Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy in a Swine Heart Transplant Model Receiving a Mycophenolate-based Immunosuppressive Regimen. Hsu WT;Lin CH;Jui HY;Tseng YH;Shun CT;Hsu MC;Wu KK;Lee CM / 國立台灣大學;台北醫學大學;臺北市立萬芳醫院;國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;太景生物科技股份有限公司;國家衛生研究院;中國醫藥大學
International dental journal International Dental Journal. 68(6):378-385, 2018 Dec. Risk assessment models to predict caries recurrence after oral rehabilitation under general anaesthesia: a pilot study. Lin YT;Kalhan AC;Lin YJ;Kalhan TA;Chou CC;Gao XL;Hsu CS / 長庚紀念醫院
Plant biotechnology journal Plant Biotechnology Journal. 16(12):2027-2041, 2018 Dec. Chromosome-level assembly, genetic and physical mapping of Phalaenopsis aphrodite genome provides new insights into species adaptation and resources for orchid breeding. Chao YT;Chen WC;Chen CY;Ho HY;Yeh CH;Kuo YT;Su CL;Yen SH;Hsueh HY;Yeh JH;Hsu HL;Tsai YH;Kuo TY;Chang SB;Chen KY;Shih MC / 中央研究院;國立台灣大學;國立成功大學;國立台灣大學
Neuropathology and applied neurobiology Neuropathology & Applied Neurobiology. 44(7):673-686, 2018 Dec. Sensory nerve degeneration in a mouse model mimicking early manifestations of familial amyloid polyneuropathy due to transthyretin Ala97Ser. Kan HW;Chiang H;Lin WM;Yu IS;Lin SW;Hsieh ST / 國立台灣大學;國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院
Clinical and experimental immunology Clinical & Experimental Immunology. 194(3):380-390, 2018 Dec. Comparative analysis of immune cell subsets in peripheral blood from patients with periodontal disease and healthy controls. Cheng WC;Saleh F;Abuaisha Karim B;Hughes FJ;Taams LS / 三軍總醫院;國防醫學院
Otology & neurotology : official publication of the American Otological Society, American Neurotology Society [and] European Academy of Otology and Neurotology Otology & Neurotology. 39(10):1241-1249, 2018 Dec. Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Hemodialysis Patients Could be a Marker of Pathogenic Progression in the Mortality and Atherosclerotic Events: A National Cohort Study. Chou CL;Hsieh TC;Chen JS;Fang TC / 臺北醫學大學附設醫院;三軍總醫院;國防醫學院;台北醫學大學
Otology & neurotology : official publication of the American Otological Society, American Neurotology Society [and] European Academy of Otology and Neurotology Otology & Neurotology. 39(10):e1125-e1128, 2018 Dec. Multifocal Inflammatory Pseudotumor of the Temporal Bone, Maxillary Sinus, and Orbit. Sakano H;Shih CP;Jafari A;DeConde A;Harris JP / 三軍總醫院;國防醫學院
Shock (Augusta, Ga.) Shock. 50(6):720-728, 2018 Dec. Beneficial Effects of Adrenal Androgen Supplement in Bleeding Cirrhotic Rats. Huang HC;Hsu SJ;Chang CC;Tsai MH;Lee FY;Hou MC;Lee SD / 國立陽明大學;臺北榮民總醫院;長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學;振興醫院
Annals of surgery Annals of Surgery. 268(6):1076-1083, 2018 Dec. Outcomes of Lymphedema Microsurgery for Breast Cancer-related Lymphedema With or Without Microvascular Breast Reconstruction. Engel H;Lin CY;Huang JJ;Cheng MH / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Annals of plastic surgery Annals of Plastic Surgery. 81(6S Suppl 1):S10-S14, 2018 Dec. Fronto-naso-orbital Reconstructions. Chen SH;Ko AT;Chen HC;Roan TL;Tang YB / 亞東紀念醫院;中國醫藥大學附設醫院
Insect molecular biology Insect Molecular Biology. 27(6):752-765, 2018 Dec. Germline expression of the hunchback orthologues in the asexual viviparous aphids: a conserved feature within the Aphididae. Chung CY;Hsiao YM;Huang TY;Chang TH;Chang CC / 國立台灣大學;中央研究院
Annals of plastic surgery Annals of Plastic Surgery. 81(6S Suppl 1):S39-S43, 2018 Dec. The Predictive Factors Associated With Comorbidities for Treatment Response in Outpatients With King Classification III Diabetes Foot Ulcers. Su CL;Chang CC;Peng YS;Chen MY / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Annals of plastic surgery Annals of Plastic Surgery. 81(6S Suppl 1):S21-S29, 2018 Dec. Comparison of Functional Results After Cross-Face Nerve Graft-, Spinal Accessory Nerve-, and Masseter Nerve-Innervated Gracilis for Facial Paralysis Reconstruction: The Chang Gung Experience. Chuang DC;Lu JC;Chang TN;Laurence VG / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Annals of plastic surgery Annals of Plastic Surgery. 81(6):e4-e11, 2018 Dec. Effect of Posthospital Syndrome on Health Care Utilization After Abdominal Contouring Surgery. Swiatek PR;Johnson SP;Wang L;Liu M;Chung TT;Chung KC / 長庚紀念醫院
Environmental toxicology Environmental Toxicology. 33(12):1321-1328, 2018 Dec. Embryonic exposure to 4-methylimidazole leads to zebrafish myofibril misalignment. Tsai JN;Sun CY;Ding YJ;Wang YH;Lo KC;Wen CC;Lin JW;Chang CF;Hsu LS;Chen HM;Fong TH;Chen YH / 中山醫學大學;長庚紀念醫院;淡江大學;國立台灣大學;台北醫學大學
Environmental toxicology Environmental Toxicology. 33(12):1298-1303, 2018 Dec. Effects of dihydromyricetin on ARPE-19 cell migration through regulating matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression. Wang K;Yang SF;Hsieh YH;Chang YY;Yu NY;Lin HW;Lin HY / 中山醫學大學;國泰綜合醫院;亞洲大學;中國醫藥大學附設醫院;中國醫藥大學;秀傳紀念醫院;元培科技大學;中州科技大學
Environmental toxicology Environmental Toxicology. 33(12):1254-1260, 2018 Dec. Cryptotanshinone (Dsh-003) from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge inhibits prostaglandin E2-induced survival and invasion effects in HA22T hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Chang JH;Lin CH;Shibu MA;Chou YC;Liu JY;Chou YH;Shen CY;Yeh YL;Viswanadha VP;Huang CY / 彰化基督教醫院;中國醫藥大學附設醫院;中國醫藥大學;亞洲大學;美和科技大學;仁德醫護管理專科學校
Environmental toxicology Environmental Toxicology. 33(12):1237-1244, 2018 Dec. Synergistic antimetastatic effect of cotreatment with licochalcone A and sorafenib on human hepatocellular carcinoma cells through the inactivation of MKK4/JNK and uPA expression. Wu MH;Chiu YF;Wu WJ;Wu PL;Lin CY;Lin CL;Hsieh YH;Liu CJ / 澄清醫院;中山醫學大學;高雄醫學大學附設中和紀念醫院
Environmental toxicology Environmental Toxicology. 33(12):1229-1236, 2018 Dec. Chemical evaluation and cytotoxic mechanism investigation of Clinacanthus nutans extract in lymphoma SUP-T1 cells. Lu MC;Li TY;Hsieh YC;Hsieh PC;Chu YL / 國立東華大學;國立屏東科技大學;國立台灣大學
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition Journal of Animal Physiology & Animal Nutrition-Zeitschrift fur Tierphysiologie Tierernahrung und Futtermittelkunde. 102(6):1585-1592, 2018 Dec. Expression profile of adiponectin and adiponectin receptors in high-fat diet feeding chickens. Chen CY;Chen YJ;Ding ST;Lin YY / 國立台灣大學;東海大學
The journal of nursing research : JNR Journal of Nursing Research. 26(6):427-437, 2018 Dec. The Benefits of Continuous Leisure Participation in Relocation Adjustment Among Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities. Lin LJ;Yen HY / 國立臺灣師範大學
The journal of nursing research : JNR Journal of Nursing Research. 26(6):438-445, 2018 Dec. Trends in Urodynamic Procedures, Surgical Procedures, and Overall Health Resource Utilization in the Adult Taiwanese Population With Urinary Incontinence: A Secondary Data Analysis. Hsu LF;Chang LY;Liao YM;Yeh SD;Tsai PS / 台北醫學大學; 國立台灣大學;國立陽明大學;臺北醫學大學附設醫院
Molecular carcinogenesis Molecular Carcinogenesis. 57(12):1816-1824, 2018 Dec. Amphiregulin enhances cell migration and resistance to doxorubicin in chondrosarcoma cells through the MAPK pathway. Chen JC;Huang C;Lee IN;Wu YP;Tang CH / 國立嘉義大學;國立陽明大學;臺北市立大學;長庚紀念醫院;中國醫藥大學;亞洲大學
Molecular carcinogenesis Molecular Carcinogenesis. 57(12):1675-1689, 2018 Dec. Ceramide synthase 6 predicts the prognosis of human gastric cancer: It functions as an oncoprotein by dysregulating the SOCS2/JAK2/STAT3 pathway. Uen YH;Fang CL;Lin CC;Hseu YC;Hung ST;Sun DP;Lin KY / 亞洲大學附屬醫院;亞洲大學;台南市立安南醫院;台北醫學大學;臺北市立萬芳醫院;奇美醫院;中國醫藥大學;嘉南藥理大學
International journal of mental health nursing International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. 27(6):1767-1775, 2018 Dec. Nurses' confidence in providing and managing care for older persons with depressive symptoms or depression in long-term care facilities: A national survey. Chuang YH;Kuo LM / 台北醫學大學;國立臺北護理健康大學
Journal of clinical psychopharmacology Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology. 38(6):598-603, 2018 Dec. Trends of Polypharmacy and Prescription Patterns of Antidepressants in Asia. Huang CY;Yang SY;Mojtabai R;Lin SK;He YL;Chong MY;Ungvari G;Tan CH;Xiang YT;Sartorius N;Shinfuku N;Chen LY / 臺北市立聯合醫院;長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Journal of hypertension Journal of Hypertension. 36(12):2340-2349, 2018 Dec. Characteristics of healthy vascular ageing in pooled population-based cohort studies: the global Metabolic syndrome and Artery REsearch Consortium. Nilsson PM;Laurent S;Cunha PG;Olsen MH;Rietzschel E;Franco OH;Ryliskyte L;Strazhesko I;Vlachopoulos C;Chen CH;Boutouyrie P;Cucca F;Lakatta EG;Scuteri A;Metabolic syndrome, Arteries REsearch (MARE) Consortium / 國立陽明大學
Journal of oral rehabilitation Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. 45(12):939-947, 2018 Dec. Airway increase after open bite closure with temporary anchorage devices for intrusion of the upper posteriors: Evidence from 2D cephalometric measurements and 3D magnetic resonance imaging. Chen YJ;Chen HH;Hsu LF;Wang SH;Chen YJ;Lai EH;Chang JZ;Yao CJ / 國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;國立台灣大學;國軍桃園總醫院;國立台灣大學
Journal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics Journal of Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics. 43(6):775-783, 2018 Dec. Cost-effectiveness of multidisciplinary collaborative care versus usual care in the management of high-risk patients with diabetes in Singapore: Short-term results from a randomized controlled trial. Siaw MYL;Malone DC;Ko Y;Lee JY / 台北醫學大學
Journal of cellular physiology Journal of Cellular Physiology. 233(12):9594-9610, 2018 Dec. A new copper ionophore DPMQ protects cells against ultraviolet B irradiation by inhibiting the TRPV1 channel. Huang KF;Ma KH;Hung YC;Lo LC;Lin KC;Liu PS;Hu MK;Chueh SH / 奇美醫院;國防醫學院;東吳大學
Pharmaceutical biology Pharmaceutical Biology. 56(1):378-384, 2018 Dec. Mechanisms of butylidenephthalide for twitch facilitation in electrically stimulated mouse vas deferens. Shih CH;Chen CM;Ko WC / 臺北醫學大學附設醫院;台北醫學大學
Scandinavian journal of psychology Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. 59(6):631-633, 2018 Dec. Comparing the effects of drawing and verbal recall techniques on children's memory accounts. Teoh YS;Chang TF / 國立台灣大學
Scandinavian journal of psychology Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. 59(6):621-630, 2018 Dec. Latent profiles of stress and their relationships with depression and problematic Internet use among college freshmen. Liao PC;Chen SK;Lin SSJ / 國立交通大學
Acta radiologica (Stockholm, Sweden : 1987) Acta Radiologica. 59(12):1451-1457, 2018 Dec. Transarterial embolization for postpartum hemorrhage: lessons learned. Fu CJ;Irama W;Wong YC;Tseng HJ;Wang LJ;Yeow KM;Wu CH / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Cornea Cornea. 37(12):1542-1550, 2018 Dec. Molecular Bioburden of the Lens Storage Case for Contact Lens-Related Keratitis. Hsiao YT;Fang PC;Chen JL;Hsu SL;Chao TL;Yu HJ;Lai YH;Huang YT;Kuo MT / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學;高雄榮民總醫院
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry Journal of Enzyme Inhibition & Medicinal Chemistry. 33(1):1248-1255, 2018 Dec. Novel imidazopyridine suppresses STAT3 activation by targeting SHP-1. Su JC;Chang CH;Wu SH;Shiau CW / 國立陽明大學;振興醫院
Pharmaceutical biology Pharmaceutical Biology. 56(1):124-131, 2018 Dec. Andrographolide relieved pathological pain generated by spared nerve injury model in mice. Wang HC;Tsay HS;Shih HN;Chen YA;Chang KM;Agrawal DC;Huang S;Lin YL;Lee MJ / 朝陽科技大學;和信治癌中心醫院;國立東華大學;國立中興大學
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry Journal of Enzyme Inhibition & Medicinal Chemistry. 33(1):920-935, 2018 Dec. Pentabromopseudilin: a myosin V inhibitor suppresses TGF-beta activity by recruiting the type II TGF-beta receptor to lysosomal degradation. Shih-Wei W;Chih-Ling C;Kao YC;Martin R;Knolker HJ;Shiao MS;Chen CL / 國立中山大學;中央研究院