Computers in Libraries 2017

活動日期: 2017/03/28~2017/03/30
報名日期: 2016/12/01~2017/03/23
活動地點: Virginia, USA
活動網址: 點擊連結
  • There are many excellent libraries as well as a myriad of innovative and engaging services in the information world these days. What strategies, learning, training, partnering, out-of- the-box thinking and borrowing from other industries will enable all libraries to be excellent in their communities?

    Whether it’s building creative spaces with learning commons and makerspaces; engaging audiences in different ways with community managers and embedded librarians; advocating for learning and literacy in new and exciting ways; using new technologies to provide engaging services and apps; partnering with museums or chambers of commerce; Computers in Libraries 2017 is all about Upping Our Game: Taking Libraries to New Heights with Technology.

    Computers in Libraries is a must-attend event and caters to all interests and all levels of knowledge while providing many exciting networking opportunities. Join speakers, authors, and fellow participants in breaks, informal dinner groups, receptions, and more.


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