14th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC): "Collaborations and Partnerships: addressing

活動日期: 2019/02/04~2019/02/07
報名日期: -0001/11/30~-0001/11/29
活動地點: Melbourne, Vic., Australia
活動網址: 點擊連結
主辦單位: Digital Curation Center
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: addressing the big digital challenges together

    The central focus of IDCC19 is to examine collaborations and partnerships in the field of digital curation and preservation. How do they develop and evolve across the professional, disciplinary, institutional, regional, national, and international levels? And how are such collaborations supporting the advancement of digital curation and preservation practices? The DCC is partnering with the University of Melbourne to take the IDCC to Australia in 2019 and this is a context where such collaborations and links with the wider international research data community are key.

    Submissions should address one of the following topics:

    Grand curation challenges
    Building diverse and inclusive communities
    Examples and models
    Good foundations for working together

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