NFAIS 61st Annual Conference: "Together, We Advance Information"

活動日期: 2019/02/13~2019/02/15
報名日期: -0001/11/30~-0001/11/29
活動地點: Alexandria, VA
活動網址: 點擊連結
主辦單位: National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS)
  • Not long ago, the changing landscape across the information ecosystem meant transitioning from print to digital output. Today, technology innovations and changing market demands are creating new opportunities, forging a new game plan, and driving us forward.  NFAIS again presents a compelling and interactive forum for conversations that will have long-reaching impacts on society.

    Authors, librarians, researchers, funders and end users are connected and vocal, expecting a global enterprise that anticipates their needs and expectations.  Additionally, an expanding array of entrepreneurial types are brilliantly globalizing research through immediate and often disruptive solutions, delivering faster and more dynamic experiences. By integrating AI and machine learning, these new players have leapt at opportunities for space and recognition, and are intent on liberating and unlocking research and data.

    Such technology innovations have the potential to:

    empower researchers to advance their quest for scientific discovery and breakthroughs,
    help business leaders make strategic decisions with increased confidence, and
    uncover new growth opportunities for information providers to deliver actionable insights.
    Join NFAIS as we explore what’s driving the critical changes and identify strategic solutions required to support today’s information consumers who—through the use of technology—are shrinking the world, changing expectations, democratizing access, and defining responsive, adaptive solutions that will redefine how stakeholders rise to market demands. 

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